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What Happens When Women Say “Yes” to God

A must read for women who are yearning for more in their Christian walk.  This book has recharged my desire to be radical in my faith. I can see the adventure that awaits the woman ready to abandon all for Christ.  Do I want to know about God or really know Him? The answer comes in obedience. Obedience out of love -not duty. This summer, I had the privilege of attending the Proverbs 31 conference led by Lysa Tekereurst.  In the middle of an environment that could have been very competitive, there was unity and humility.  Lysa’s message on being remarkABLE women stirred my heart and prompted me to search out this book.  I wasn’t disappointed. “We all worship something.  We must choose whom – or what- we will worship.  Will it be the opinions of others, our fears, or even our own comfort?  Or will it be the One who created our souls to worship?  Whatever we worship, we will obey. As we choose to be radically obedient and say yes to the Lord, …

Faithful Forever

“Loyal”… “Constant”… “Steadfast”… “Like a reliable compass” are some definitions of faithful.  Mike and I had the privilege of spending the evening with some of the most faithful in our church family.  These men and women have given years of loyal, constant, and steadfast service.  They love God with all their hearts, and they love their church family. In a time where there are so many uncertainties, people like this are great reminders of the consistency of a loving Savior. When developing leaders, it is a great thing when we can convey the importance of being a faithful servant. Do you know someone who is a faithful servant?  Why not let them know what their consistency means to you. Psalm 146:6 The Maker of heaven and earth, the sea, and everything in them— the LORD, who remains faithful forever.