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calendarJuly 31st … Proverbs 31 conference. August appointment with Kelly at Arte’ Dei Capelli (essential)… leader retreat September 12th at Master’s Inn … September 18th Women’s Ministry is going to New York City…   October family getaway at the beach…  November 11th  National Women’s Ministry Forum. Does your calendar look like mine? Throw in the start of school…football season (Roll Tide)…  and then, remember, there are only 157 days til Christmas.  Whew! It books quickly.

Have you considered putting prayer on your calendar?   This Wednesday afternoon at 1 p.m., I’ll meet my best buddies and we’ll pray for the things closest to our hearts.  We’ve met for 10 years and we’ve seen prayer after prayer answered. God has changed us as we’ve seen Him actively work in the lives of our families.

We need to talk with Jesus everyday and throughout the day – but how about scheduling an extended appointment with Him.  Talk about peace and refreshment… that is what you’ll get.  Before you fill in your calendar (or someone else does for you)… before the apple festivals… teacher conferences… dentists… and fall sports banquets… even before the last hoorah of summer…How about putting down a prayer date?

Would you like more information on prayer?  Strategic Renewal is a great resource.

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