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Israel The Most Amazing Trip Day 4 Journal Entry


New Year’s Eve!  And, What a day!  Thank you – Jesus – for all you’ve shown me.  Holy Spirit, thank you!

Our first stop was Beit She’An near the end of the Jezreel Valley. Once a city of commercial and military importance, it is  near where King Saul’s body was nailed to city walls. (I Sam. 31).   This place was fascinating.  It had been under a field for many years and a farmer with his tractor hit the top of a column.  Underneath was a treasure of historical and archeological finds.

Megiddo is on the edge of the Plain of Armageddon – the site of the final battle in Rev. 16:16.  I had always pictured this to be rugged – dry and rocky.  But the valley is a brilliant lush green.  The fortified structure at Megiddo was something to behold.  An impressive water system is still in place.  Twenty-five civilizations have been uncovered in this one spot. Megiddo was where King Solomon had a large reserve of horses and chariots.

Caesarea was beautiful … on the Mediterranean coast.  Johnnie Moore taught us from Acts 23 while we sat in the theater where Paul testified of Jesus.

Please give me more boldness. Lord, I’m available for you.  I love you.

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