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Top 10 Reasons I love my Hometown

Number 10: I love my Hometown because it is in “Sweet Home Alabama.”

Number 9: I love my Hometown because you have to declare your loyalty —Alabama or Auburn.    In case you are wondering…. ROLL TIDE!

Number 8: I love my Hometown because of  Thomasville High School.  Mama was my chemistry teacher and my guidance counselor.   Coach Cornelius was the man who knew all … saw all … heard all… and ‘ruled’ all.   I love it that in my Hometown whether you are of the Alabama or Auburn persuasion – EVERYONE is a Thomasville Tiger!

Number 7: I love my Hometown because of the Delmar.  Classic in every way.  Mama and Daddy have breakfast there every morning.  Their order is in the kitchen before they sit down.

Number 6: I love my Hometown because when it is the 4th of July you can count on delicious BBQ from the American Legion.

Number 5: I love my Hometown because of the Thomasville Times.  My subscription arrives about one week late to Virginia. I love to read the community news to see who has gotten married and who has shot their first deer.

Number 4: I love my Hometown because the Thomasville Theater is still going strong.  Remember the big jar of dill pickles?

Number 3: I love my Hometown because you can go to Dozier’s to get fine china and Vera Bradley.  Or,  you can go to Dozier’s for all your hardware needs. Really, I love Dozier’s.

Number 2: I love my Hometown because on the front lawn of the Thomasville Elementary School use to be an beautiful large dogwood tree.  In the third grade we had a huge Easter Egg hunt on the front lawn.  Afterwards, we sat under the dogwood tree while Mrs. Hill without hesitation told us the legend of the dogwood tree and what Jesus meant to her.

Number 1: I love my Hometown because it is where I grew up… the home of my parents and sweet family and friends.  I am forever thankful for my heritage which includes a beautiful southern hometown in Alabama … Thomasville.

Father, thank you for my hometown and all those I love who live there.  May God be gracious … and make His face shine upon her. In Jesus Name


  1. Cindy Stabler Wheaton says

    I love my hometown (and yours) for all the same reasons you do. Thomasville has changed through the years but still stayed the same too. What great memories of Thomasville!! Thanks Lisa
    Cindy (Stabler) Wheaton

  2. Shannon Pullen Sharpe says

    This post brought back so many memories that I cried as I read it. We were very blessed to grow up in such a wonderful place. Many do not appreciate the stability and security of growing up in a small town until they raise their own families. Thanks for the reminder as I prepare for a visit there tomorrow. It is good to see you and your beautiful family.
    God bless,

    • Shannon thank you for writing. I don’t think we appreciate it – until we’re away. But we’ve been blessed. Have fun on your visit.

  3. Lisa,
    What a beautiful tribute. I love my hometown for all those reasons and more. And I love coming here and seeing friends’ (**waving hello to Cindy and Shannon**) comments saying they love it, too. I only wish I had known the Lord as I was growing up, so that many of my memories might have been different… so thankful for God’s mercy and grace. Still, I am thankful for all those who touched my life in my years growing up there. And yes, may God pour out His Spirit and His blessings on those still there.

    Christi Phillips Bunn

    • Christi,
      I hear your heart … and I am so thankful for the mercies of the Lord that are new everyday. Thanks for sharing.

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