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I’ve got one

The lyrics below are from a Gaither song that I heard on Father’s Day at TRBC. When I listened to the words – I knew that was the man I was sitting by in church.  That was the man that sets everything aside for his family.

Just today…. Mike helped me get numerous things together for a retreat I have with the ladies … followed me to get the church van so I wouldn’t be scared … proceeded to dig out all the seat belts so  all the ladies would have one … and put a flashlight and gps in the van for my trip…

Every day … he lives character. integrity. selflessness.

I’m thankful that I’ve got one… of the few good men.

A Few Good Men by The Gaither Vocal Band

What this dying world could use is a willing Man of God
Who dares to go against the grain and works without applause;
A man who’ll raise the shield of Faith, protecting what is pure;
Whose love is tough and gentle; a man whose word is sure.
God doesn’t need an Orator who knows what just to say;
He doesn’t need authorities to reason Him away;
He doesn’t need an army to guarantee a win;
He just needs a Few Good Men.
He calls the broken derelict whose life has been renewed;
He calls the one who has the strength to stand up for the Truth.
Enlistment lines are open and He wants you to come in-
He just needs a Few Good Men.

Men full of Compassion, who Laugh and Love and Cry-
Men who’ll face Eternity and aren’t afraid to die-
Men who’ll fight for Freedom and Honor once again-
He just needs a Few Good Men.

Father, thank you for my husband. Help me to never take him for granted.   Please bless Mike – give him your wisdom for everything that comes before him.

Your Turn … Why do you think it is easy to overlook the good qualities in a spouse?

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