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The Third Triplet

Rambling through some old photos, I found this one of Mitchell.

I just love it …

I’m sure the photographers or yearbook staff were trying to make sure they had all the guys names correct.

Thankfully, they didn’t toss them, but dropped the photos in my packet as a keepsake.

One week from today, Mitchell will be married to the lovely Alydia Rose Miller.  It has been special  to watch them grow together through high school and college.

Each one of our sons are such a blessing to us.  We are thankful to God for the men they have become.

Mitchell, on your special week I’d like to tell you, again:

1) You are my favorite photographer.

2) I love love love your witty sense of humor.

3) You are the “bestest” third triplet —EVER!!!

4) I’m so proud of you!

5) Congratulations to you and Alydia!  I love you both!


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