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True Vine: Abiding in the Whirlwind

Photo by Mitchell Bryant

The Summer of 2012 will go down as one of the busiest in our lives.

We’ve experienced some wonderful times …

And, we’ve had some really hard moments…

  • Aunt Dora’s passing  – She was very much a second mom to Mike
  • Physical challenges of our parents

Each ONE of these things has been a huge “life event,” that all on their own need time to process.  But, we’ve had them all in the last few weeks.

I’m continuing to learn that abiding is sometimes just the way we love it – with our Bible, journal, cup of coffee, and a lots of time.

And, other times, abiding is opening our eyes and hearts to all God is doing in the whirlwind …

Last weekend as we saw all of our kids in the wedding party – it was a moment to thank God.  I sat on the front row in awe of what was unfolding in front of me … and all the years of careful attention that God has given our family.  It was a time to …

  • Thank Him for the wonderful privilege of being a parent
  • Thank Him for His plans for our family
  • Thank Him for our Christian heritage… As Mike and I celebrated our 28th anniversary, we have the example and goal of enduring love that our parents have modeled. (63 years for my parents and 54 for Mike’s parents – WOW!)
  • It was a time to Abide …

In our Sunday morning Life Group, we are going through the Spiritual Disciplines.  Today’s lesson was on quiet time… God is reminding me to watch for Him in every moment.

We can abide in Christ as we acknowledge Him in all our ways…as renew our mind … as we look at our children and thank God for His handiwork in their lives.

I love the patience of the Lord as He teaches me to rest in Him.  I can trust the Lord to complete His work in me (Phil. 1:6).


Thank you that I can renew my mind with You.  Thank you that your ways are higher.  Thank you that you never fail – you are ever consistent. Thank you for your patience in teaching me to trust you.

In Jesus Name,


I’m participating in a Blog Hop with Cheryl Smith and other friends.  Perhaps you’d like to share how you abide in the True Vine.


  1. You’re right Lisa. You guys have been through several major life events. Stressors, if you will. Many people mistakenly presume “stress” only refers to difficult times, but “eustress” is stress related to good times. Both forms take their emotional toll but I think you’ve learned the secret. Abiding doesn’t always look like time away. In fact, I think you’re learning something significant about abiding in the busiest moments of life!

  2. Our summers sound familiar. We also had a wedding in the family, along with a host of other wonderful family and vacation excursions.

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