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Under Construction

constructionIn repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength…Is 30:15

I was living with no marginJulie and I were returning from  Guatemala with a late flight to Roanoke, VA.    We were due in Charlotte, NC the next morning for the opening session of the 2013 She Speaks Conference.  There we were:  tired, worn out, and long road trip ahead of us.

Strong coffee, sour gummy worms, and Billy Joel were keeping us awake.

At 1:30 a.m. – we hit an area of the interstate “under construction.”  Signs diverted us from the main highway onto a back-road detour.

Tired and Lost

Do you ever feel like you are living in a construction zone? Maybe on a detour? 

Eventually, we made it back to the Interstate and on to an amazing conference with a great group of friends and talented leaders.


The TRBC team represented at She Speaks! We enjoyed meeting up with these sweet friends who were also attending the Conference.

Our experience reminded me how we can easily find ourselves on a detour spiritually: distracted, busy, hurried, and tired.  Fear and doubt can wash over us in an instant.

Lord,  I want to cling to you when the path seems unclear… “blocked.”   I want to do your will and follow your path. Thank you that repentance and rest is my salvation and in quietness and trust is my strength.

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