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Julie Nash wrote the devotion below.

My dad recently shared this in our devotions at work….it so encouraged my heart I (Julie) wanted to share it with all of you. Read the book of Haggai- it’s only 2 chapters and it will just take a few minutes.

God is speaking through the prophet Haggai and is commanding the people of Israel to rebuild the temple. He offers the people this encouragement:

1.   Be strong!
2.   Work! Do your job because I am with you.
3.   Don’t be afraid! I have delivered you from Egypt and I my Spirit is with you!
4.   I will provide peace!
5.   I have chosen you for this job!

God brought us all to Guatemala for a specific purpose. So let’s be strong in the power of the Lord. Let’s work together knowing God is with us. We do not need to be afraid because we have the Holy Spirit with us.

The fruit of the Spirit is peace- God will give it if we ask and trust. We were chosen by God for this time!

Look back at those 5 points.   Which do you need most today?  In your work or school back home?  In your family?   What ministry does God have ready for you?


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