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Post It Crazy!

My desk is functioning as a white board. Dreaming … Planning … Praying … About 2013-2014. My life tends to follow the school calendar. So, It’s time to look ahead. Here are 4 things on my list: 1. Prayer prayer prayer 2. Interviews with others in ministry 3. Dream 4. Invest in leaders What is on your list?  

Brainstorming Moments

Brainstorming … Last Wednesday, I met Cheryl at the Drowsy Poet. We decided to encourage one another in  writing.  I had been praying about this meeting and about posting for weeks. Why? I think it is an area the Lord wants to teach me discipline.   Like exercise, writing is a needed discipline in my life.  Not because I think I’m a great writer or that I’m going to run a marathon, but there are some lessons in the process of doing both that God wants to teach me.    Basically, it is an obedience issue. In preparation for our meeting, I began to brainstorm on developing a yearlong plan for posting to my blog.   I love Evernote and am becoming more dependent on it everyday, but I haven’t learned to brainstorm with it yet. In order to get the juices flowing, I need legal pad and pen. At the Brainstorming stage, I am praying over an idea and anything goes on the paper that might be related to a goal. Dreaming is closely related. Whereas brainstorming …