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Brainstorming Moments

Brainstorming …

Last Wednesday, I met Cheryl at the Drowsy Poet.

We decided to encourage one another in  writing.  I had been praying about this meeting and about posting for weeks.


I think it is an area the Lord wants to teach me discipline.   Like exercise, writing is a needed discipline in my life.  Not because I think I’m a great writer or that I’m going to run a marathon, but there are some lessons in the process of doing both that God wants to teach me.    Basically, it is an obedience issue.

In preparation for our meeting, I began to brainstorm on developing a yearlong plan for posting to my blog.   I love Evernote and am becoming more dependent on it everyday, but I haven’t learned to brainstorm with it yet. In order to get the juices flowing, I need legal pad and pen.

At the Brainstorming stage, I am praying over an idea and anything goes on the paper that might be related to a goal.

Dreaming is closely related. Whereas brainstorming often focuses on accomplishing known goals – Dreaming is bigger.  Dreaming does not have limitations.  Dreaming let’s your mind wander to, “What could be…”  I like to pray, “God, what are Your dreams for me? How do I accomplish the things you already have prepared for me?”

Seeking is essential to the entire process of fleshing out an idea.  It is prayer before the process, prayer during the process, and prayer in carrying out the plan.  At each step, asking the Lord to change my heart and plans at any time.

At the Drowsy Poet, I realized the first plan I had was all wrong.  The photo is a glimpse of the way I was brainstorming … dreaming …. and Seeking…. On that day, a second plan became cemented on my heart.  I’ll be sharing more of that plan in future blogs.  But, for now, consistency in writing is a tool toward accomplishing the goal.

The hardest part is starting.

Cheryl and I agreed upon time sensitive, measurable, and specific goals:

  1. Write every day and post to blog by noon.
  2. Exercise every day and use some of the blog posts to record the journey.

This is not perfection …

This morning …I walked at 5:30 a.m., but I missed my goal of posting by 12 p.m. I went with my Daddy to the doctor and I missed my deadline.  While I am almost 3 hours beyond my target, the goal is still inspiring me.   Even now, I’m pushing to accomplish the task.

Are you in need of a little Brainstorming, Dreaming, and Seeking?


Thank you for Eph. 2:10 that tells us, “We are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”  Help us to fulfill what You  have created for us to do. Thank you for the incredible adventure available when following You.

In Jesus Name –

(We’d love to have you join us for a 21 day journey … start today).


  1. Lynn says

    Lisa, I admire your commitment that you exercise so early in the morning. To me, that takes a lot of discipline because you have to arrange your schedule in the evening to support the early starting time.

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