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2 Miles til Empty

While riding down 460 toward Lynchburg, I noticed my display indicated “Distance to Empty 11 Miles.”  I was still a good distance away, and immediately began to consider the location of the nearest gas station. By the time I rounded the exit and coasted into Sheetz, my display said, “2 miles til empty.”

Book Review: Margin

Richard A. Swenson, wrote Margin:  Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives, to help men and women recognize their overloaded lives and give them a prescription for this dangerous condition.  The information is supported by a wealth of academic and medical sources.   Dr. Richard A. Swenson is an international speaker and writer, and teaches conferences on the relationship between stress and health.  He believes that stress has not always been an American occurrence.  Stress is something relatively new to our culture.  He argues that progression and overload is a modern anomaly.