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2 Miles til Empty

While riding down 460 toward Lynchburg, I noticed my display indicated “Distance to Empty 11 Miles.”  I was still a good distance away, and immediately began to consider the location of the nearest gas station.

By the time I rounded the exit and coasted into Sheetz, my display said, “2 miles til empty.”


  • First, my husband would NEVER let this happen.   He is “Captain Prepared” and he is on the way to top off the tank as soon as it hits the quarter mark.
  • Second, I have developed an unwise pattern of being dependent on the indicator light to let me know when I might begin to “think” of filling up.  Because I hadn’t noticed the indicator, I found myself in a bad situation.


What a crazy thing to put myself in that position!   I could have ended up on the side of the road.

What an unnecessary risk!   All because … I let my tank get to 2 miles til empty.

  • What if a friend had been on the side of the road needing help? I couldn’t pull over because …. I was 2 miles til empty.
  • What if Mike had needed me to run an errand?  I couldn’t help because … I was 2 miles til empty.
  • What if my granddaughter had been in the car?  Would I put her at risk because… I was 2 miles til empty?


In my abiding time later in the week, the Lord reminded me that our lives often model the condition of my gas tank.

  • We are not available for those with a problem or need – Why? We are 2 miles til empty.   We don’t have the emotional margin to encourage them along the way.  We feel like we are drowning ourselves.  How could I possibly throw a lifeline to another?
  • We don’t have time to listen to our spouses – Why? We are 2 miles til empty. We are running from one thing to the next on fumes, often coasting in our marriage. When we are nearing “empty” even the most important relationships can be taken for granted.
  • We don’t go the extra mile with our kids – Why?  We are 2 miles til empty.   We might be guilty of spending more time managing their actions rather than shepherding their hearts.  Enforcing rules doesn’t take nearly as much energy as tending the heart.

We make ourselves (and those journeying with us) vulnerable to the schemes of the enemy when we fail to intentionally watch for the signs to refuel.

Isaiah 30:15

For thus the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel, has said,  “In repentance and rest you will be saved, In quietness and trust is your strength.

Psalm 46:10
Cease striving and know that I am God;

Lord, we want to live in your strength and power.  We don’t want to be stretched so thin that we are running on fumes not able to encourage those around us.   Help us to find our rest in You.  Help us to be on guard for the signs to refuel.  Please protect us from the enemy’s schemes. 
In  Jesus Name –


  1. Cheryl Smith says

    You’re absolutely right, Lisa! The opposite of 2 miles til empty happened to me the other day after lunch. Instead of rushing to the next thing, I took some abiding time. Wouldn’t you know it? Just before I left the restaurant, God pretty dramatically opened a door. Great post!

  2. We are so busy and goal driven, aren’t we? Thanks for the reminder, Lisa. Taking time every morning with the Lord helps me to refuel.

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