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Brief meeting…lasting impression

While in Guatemala, we saw so many needs. I asked Carlos – the founder of Hope of Life ministries – “How do you decide who to help?”  He said, “One family … one child … one need at a time.”   Soon we were in a village that had no well for clean water and the temperature was 105 degrees. We met a 9 year old girl who had been brutally raped and her body was severely injured.  This little one had already had surgery but she was in need of another one.   Noel Yeatts – World Help Vice President, some ladies from our team, and I were able to pray over this little girl and her mother.

Carlos told me that when Jesus brings a girl like this to their attention,  THIS is how they know who they need to help.  I realized that day that not only had Jesus brought M—— to Carlos’ attention – but Jesus had brought her to my attention.  Some how I have to be a part of helping this little girl get medical attention. I have to be a part of helping M——- and her family get clean water to drink.  And, I have to be a part of telling this little girl that she is beautiful and that Jesus loves her and wants to heal her heart.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Please take care of little M——-.   Please meet her every need tonight. Please satisfy her with your unfailing love. I pray that she will know your joy and that she will be glad all her days (Ps. 90:14).  Please help us as we try to help this little one.  Her mama’s eyes looked so tired… so desperate… please help her Mama, too.  Thank you for the Hope of Life and Word Help Teams that reach out to hurting people.

In Jesus Name

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