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God is Bigger than our Needs: Julie Nash, Guest Blogger

My heart was changed the instant we arrived in Guatemala. I knew the question was not whether the Lord wanted me to be there but how much was I willing to do! The needs are so great that it was overwhelming but God is so much bigger than all of those needs. While Lisa was meeting the precious little girl that had been raped, I was visiting the several homes that had recently been built by church groups. Walking through the “dwellings” that these families called home pierced my heart in so many ways. I knew the Lord was laying a vision in my heart that our women’s Bible study group could be a part of this work. For the past few months I have been praying that the Lord would not only help us reach the city of Lynchburg but that He would show us how to reach beyond the city limits. When I step aside and give God free reign it is amazing how He answers my prayers. Lisa and I knew that God placed a burden in both of our hearts at the same moment to help this sweet girl. I knew the Lord was saying just obey and I will do the rest. Coffee Break Bible study ladies are already raising money to build “a house for M-.” I am so excited to see what the Lord will do next in Guatemala! He is a great, mighty, all loving and all powerful God that is at work all over the world!

Julie Nash is the leader of Coffee Break:  Encouragement for Professional Women on Tuesday Nights at Thomas Road Baptist Church.  She is the Assistant Director of the Liberty Christian Academy Early Learning Center.  She has been my prayer partner for years and a dear friend.  Thanks for your post, Julie.

Part 1   Brief meeting …. lasting impression

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