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My Mama Taught Me …

20110709-122020.jpgHave you seen the news lately? Mothers and their children with so much hurt between them … Makes my heart sad. Some mamas really do get it right and ours did.

Mama has taught me many things. From time to time, I’ll share a few…

5. There is a right way and a wrong way to do something. And, we’re going to do it the right way.

4. Did you put your lipstick on?

3. “What time i am afraid – I will trust in Thee” Ps. 56:3

2. Ministry = 2 chocolate pies
Pies are made most every morning going to someone celebrating, grieving, or just because …
The love of Jesus can be communicated in many ways.

1. There is something very beautiful about the unconditional – lavish love – of a precious Mama

What are some things your mama taught you?


  1. My mom taught me to love myself. To always do what’s right and not follow the crowd. To be thankful for all things and how to be a mom that disciplines her children in love, the God way.

  2. cindy bergeron says

    Lisa, I lost Mama 1/1/2011-it’s the hardest thing I’ve experienced. I lost my dad not long before and not that I loved Daddy any less that was painful as well but to lose a Mama that loves you more than anything in the world, has known you longer than anyone, to say the least it’s very painful. I’m glad that I found wordpress.com. You had a very precious Mom. My mom lost her battle with lung cancer-never smoked a day in her life. Doctors said there are 2-3 types of lung cancers that generally non smoking women tend to get. Someone that hated alcohol and smoking to have gone through that hurts my heart. God bless all of our Mama’s.

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