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More than Routine

Old Hwy 5 Thomasville, Alabama

21 Days of commitment… 21 days of being intentional about “pushing through”… 21 days of exercising and writing every day.

As I stepped out this morning to walk/run my Ease into 5KMeredith Andrew’s song “Show me What it Means” was first on my playlist.

Here are the first few lyrics:
All You ask of me
Is that I show up broken at Your feet
You don’t want my religion
You are looking for devotion
That is more than just routine

So show me what it means

To take up my cross
And count it all as lost
All for the sake
Of knowing You
To love my enemies
And care for those in need
Show me what it means
To follow You

I want to give God devotion that is more than routine… with nothing held back.

Two things I know:
1. I’m desperately unable without the help of the Holy Spirit.
2. This is something I’m suppose to do.   I believe there are things God wants to teach me over the next … 21 days.
I’ll be linking up with my friend, Cheryl, for accountability and encouragement along the way.  We’d love some company. Come join us …
Asking the Lord to show me what it means to follow him in every area of my life.


  1. Lynn Moquin says

    Can I join you also? I’m not a writer, but I believe I need to start keeping a journal as a record of what God is doing in my life. And I keep trying to motivate myself to develop a regular exercise routine, and then I give up. And I know that I cannot do any good thing apart from God.

      • Lynn says

        I’ll start today. This is 21 days for now, right? The length if time they say it takes to form a habit. I even got on the treadmill for 15 minutes after I read your blog earlier, and I probably wouldn’t have done that otherwise. (I have to work up to longer times.). I am just using a notebook for a journal for now and writing my thoughts. I did order a book on spiritual journaling, though, to get more ideas about this process.

      • Way to go, Lynn!!! I’m encouraged so much by your post! It will be fun to see what we learn together through this process. I’m praying for you – and will appreciate knowing you are praying, too. :0)

  2. I am going to begin a 21 day challenge too! I’m glad I’m facebook friends with you, Lisa, and that I took the time to read your blog this morning! I haven’t written in a few months & I need to daily walk spiritually & physically. So include me in your prayers as I will be praying for all of you! —Valorie

    • Valerie. Yay!!!!! I’m do glad we are friends, too. Looking forward to connecting through the journey. We will encourage and pray for one another Welcome aboard !!!!

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  4. Lynn says

    I will be praying for everyone also. I put in 20 minutes on the treadmill tonight. Tomorrow will be a challenge since I go straight from work to Bible study.

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