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The Truth is … I forgot …

God so loved the WORLD …

It was in my home church at Central Baptist Church in Dixon’s Mills, AL, where I began to learn that … God really does LOVE the world.   Chuck and Bobbi Kinzer, missionaries to Kenya, brought snake skins, spears, and beautiful clothing, when they would visit.   Ivan and Doris Schoen described the laborious task of translating the Bible in Suriname, South America.   Often, missionaries would stay with my Grandparents and I would get to hear their adventures first hand.

I am ashamed to say it –but the truth is
Somewhere along the way – I got busy, and forgot about the world.
I thought about the next baseball game…
I thought about vacation …
and, I thought about the next “to do” on my list…
But “the world,” was on a back-burner.
Three years ago, I went to Guatemala with World Help .  (I’ve been back for the last two years and we have two trips planned for 2013.)  A couple of years ago I read the book, Radical, by David Platt.  And, God began to remind me that He loves the world … and if I’m gonna love what He loves, I better start thinking about His world more.

This week – My nephews, Chuck and Jake Bates, are on a mission trip with their church to Guatemala.  All week I’ve been praying a prayer that Vernon Brewer taught us on our trip, “God break our heart – for what breaks Yours.”  I’m asking God to open their eyes to the world.  I’m asking God to help them “do” for one, what they wish they could do for many.

What about you?

  • Have you thought about the world lately?
  • Would you consider going on a mission trip?
  • We’d love to have you go with us.

 Awake: Doing a World of Good, one person at a time, by Noel Yeats, is a book that will open your eyes to the needs of a hurting world.

Father, thank you for loving the world.  Thank you for loving each one of us so much that you would send your son to die for us.   Lord, please break our hearts for the things that break yours…. Don’t let me forget about the world and all those you love.   In Jesus Name,  Amen.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” – John 3:16


  1. I’ve been on several mission trips but I’m not sure I’ve ever really opened myself up to the kind of poverty and hurt that happens minute by minute all around the world.

    God has been preparing my heart. Lyrics to those songs, “Break my heart for what breaks yours” and “We Speak to Nations” make me weep. Noel’s book, AWAKE, gripped my heart. Power outages and exercise are getting me physically ready…

    I’m willing Lord.

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