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Preparation …

As I am preparing for the fall, there is a place I love to go.

I like to spend time in the Prayer Chapel at Liberty University.   Mike and I have prayed there many times for big things in our lives. And, every year before groups begin … before Bible study … before meeting with all the leaders … I linger in this chapel.  The walls are lined with bricks covered with the names of people who have prayed for the ministry.  This visual reminds me of all that God has done… and all that He can do.

It is a time of reflecting and of prayer.

A time of asking God to examine my heart to make sure I’m pursuing His vision and not my own.

Is there a special place that you like to revisit when preparing for special times ahead in your life?


  1. I first visited that prayer chapel as a child in the late 70’s. Later, as an LU student, I participated in several “days of prayer” where we spent hours praying in a pew or on the floor of that prayer chapel.
    I’m too far away now to revisit it, but I’ve learned to use the chapel of God’s creation, since that’s always somewhere nearby!

    • I love that — You are right, God’s creation is always nearby as a sweet place to spend time with the Lord. Thanks for writing!

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