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The App you hope you NEVER have to use…

Have you had that sick feeling? You know the one that you get when you realize you can’t find your phone?


After I got home from work today I played with Baxter, made a sandwich, watched a little news, and began to do some homework.  Before settling into a project, I decided to make a call.  That’s when that sick feeling hit me.  I looked all around the house and could not find my phone.

Then, I remembered the Find My iPhone APP that I had downloaded.  I opened up my Mac and went to icloud.  Sure enough, the phone showed up with a green pin on google maps.   (As you can see in the picture, the map showed my iPhone in the parking lot at work).

I hopped in the van and headed straight back to town to look all over the parking lot and the surrounding area.  I enabled the loud alert ping to help me find it.   A co-worker and his sons stopped to help me search for the phone.  We looked all over, and found “nothin”.  After a while – I gave up.

Before leaving the campus,  I decided to run back into my office – and there was my iPhone on my desk.  Thank you, Lord!

I should have read Paul Hughes’ review on CNET Download.com.  Then, I would have known that the locator gives an “approximate” location of the iphone.  I should have started my search in the office rather than at the green pin in the parking lot.

All in all –   the App is helpful.  It got me in the general area.  And, I’ll sleep well tonight knowing my phone is not lost.

Have you ever been on a search for your phone?   How did it make you feel?

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