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Leader, You’re Invited!

photoJulie Nash and I headed out Saturday morning to visit with one of our friends.

Not that we would need it,  but … I entered the address into the van’s GPS.

Just a few miles, and a few simple turns, and we would be there.

Soon my trusty GPS said we were in an area that “could not be detected.”

Over an hour later we were not at our destination.

During our drive through the Virginia country-side we saw:

  • A beautiful old mill
  • Great views of the mountains
  • All kinds of wildlife

What a way to start a Saturday morning!

“On a dark dessert highway …”

“The Long and Winding Road…”

“Down the hill and through the woods,” does not adequately describe our adventure.

We were so close to our destination and yet we kept circling …Lost.  Eventually, we made it to our friend’s home and got to laugh with her.

Was the morning ride through the country a  waste?  NOT on YOUR LIFE.  It was an adventure.

The Lord reminded me that daily challenges can often be like my Saturday morning drive.

Maybe you are like me and sometimes find yourself:

off the map-

with an assignment undone –

or simply a need to revisit a dream of days gone by.

Every leader will face the challenge of getting off course.

Will you and I keep going – enjoy the process – and make it to our destination?

Leaders, we have a grace-filled invitation to get back on course today!

Father, thank you for the way You teach us lessons, build our character, and point us to the destination You have in mind.  Thank you for your grace that warmly welcomes us back on course.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Church Hill

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