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To My Family …


Mike I love you so very much.

You are a man of character, a husband I adore, incredible dad, and wonderfully tender “Papa.” I can never thank you enough for all the decisions you have made to benefit our family.

Father, I pray that you will give my husband fresh vision for each new season in our lives. Please anoint him with your power and your strength.  Please help him have a supernatural understanding of the law enforcement situations that confront him each day. Lord, I ask you to bless him in every way that a man can be blessed. May he love you more every day. May he hear your voice more clearly, and may he take bold action to follow you. Enlarge his territory for your glory.

Kyle, Matthew, Michael, and Mitchell, I am beyond proud of you! You are amazing men. I appreciate living the Scripture that says, “ I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth” (3 John 1:4).

For all our sons … I pray that you will give them a hunger and thirst for righteousness. Help them to love your Word and your ways. I ask you to put a hedge about each one of their marriages. Help our sons to tenderly love and courageously care for their wives. I pray that you will bring your favor on our sons that they will thrive in their professions. Give them wisdom in decision-making. Help them succeed in the assignments you’ve given them.

  • I ask that you will strengthen their inner man
  • May they be unmovable in their love for You
  • May they be unstoppable in their pursuit to protect and lead their families
  • May our men be willing to obey you at any cost

I pray that they will honor their wives and cherish their children. I pray that they will be a light and walk in your wisdom. May each one find joy and satisfaction in carrying the responsibilities that you have given specifically to them. Lord, increase their love for You and their wives.

For our girls – Lauren, Lindsay, Marlee, and Alydia -We are thankful God has brought you in to our family.  We love you so very much.  Marlee – we are looking forward to your wedding in the fall :0)

Lord, I pray that you will help our D-I-Ls love our sons. I pray they will overlook their husbands’ faults and magnify their strengths.

I pray that they will be a forever…

  • Cheerleader
  • Challenger
  • Support

May our girls love your Word and trust You to work in their lives daily. May they hope in You and Your ways above everything that can be seen in the natural.

I pray that you will give our daughters wisdom and strength. I ask you to bless them in all their endeavors at home and in the workplace.  Please give them your creativity and multiply their time.

I pray that our sons and their wives will be wonderful friends, always glad to see each other, and always seeking the others good. May they always choose You and their families over any other opportunity.

_DSC9346For our Madison and the Grands to come.  Joy Indescribable!

How I pray that you will accept Jesus as your Savior that you will love God with all your heart mind and soul.

May you continually increase in wisdom and in favor with God and man.

This post is part of Jeff Goins #my500swords challenge.  We were assigned to write a letter.  My letter became a prayer for my family.   A portion of that writing is included in this post.

May the Lord give you and your family a wonderful 2014.   And, Maybe you’ll join me in writing a letter… prayer…blessing…  for your  family.

The Family


  1. Lisa, this is beautiful! Thank you for allowing us, the reader, a glimpse into your life. What an awesome reminder to pray specifically for each member of our family.

    • Thank you – Kris. So appreciative to the Lord that our families could be part of a prayer group … and we could see Him answer many prayers for all our children.

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