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10 Things Every Women’s Ministry Leader Needs to STOP Now!

Is your Familiar Greater than your Future?

Stop It!  

  1. Stop! Being shallow.  Your women want something meaningful.  Make disciples.  
  1. Stop! Having teas and other fluff.  Before you write me about how meaningful your Christmas tea is … take the time to evaluate your end goal.   Is it tradition?  Is it fun? OK – but don’t make it more than it is.  Again … before your write… I love you and let’s go to tea, just don’t call it what it’s not.
  2. Stop! Wasting time.  The most valuable thing your leaders and women will give you is their time. Have a meeting and know who needs to be there and why.  If you don’t know, don’t have the meeting.  Is it necessary to have everyone present or can you have a one-on-one and accomplish your goal.
  3. Stop! Keeping it Clean!  What?  Women have real life and real issues.  Women’s Ministry is up close and personal.  Discipleship is messy. Be willing to get into the weeds with your women.
  4. Stop! Doing the same thing.  I know, it’s easy and predictable.  But, it’s stale.  Just ask the women who aren’t coming anymore. Is your Familiar Greater than your Future?
  5. Stop! Keeping everyone in the same groups.  Challenge women to step up as leaders and birth new groups.  Create environments that support multigenerational experiences.
  6. Stop! Putting a lid on your women.  Create leadership positions for women to serve out of their passion and abilities.  Champion them to pursue God’s best.
  7. Stop! All the committee decisions.  OK – so your church does committees – but not every minute decision needs to come before your team or board.  Do your job and lead.  
  8. Stop! Doing it alone.  For the loner leader who never consults their team – you are missing out of the beauty and strength of a band of women.  Their voice can bring reason, creativity, and movement of the mission.
  9. Stop! Ignoring the Seasons.  When a ministry, reoccurring event, or group has served it’s time – celebrate the people and let it go.

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