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Gifts Money Can’t Buy: Flexibility

This Mickey Mouse Ornament from Kyle and Lauren – who now live in Orlando -remind me that things are changing in our household and I need to be flexible.

“Breakfast!  A Christmas Breakfast!  A stinkin’ breakfast!  No, we can’t do that!”  About a month ago I was jarred into the reality that things were not going to stay the same in our family.  Now, with my head I knew that – but I had not let my heart in on the secret that this included Christmas, too.   I found myself confronted with the reality that jobs, schedules, ‘grown up’ life for our adult children was changing things.  When our traditional sweet potatoes with marshmallows meal was not working out – my husband suggested a breakfast.  Ugh!  Our son, Matthew, heard my distress and said “Mama, what you need is a little perspective.”  And, then some woman that looks a lot like me said,  “I don’t want perspective – I want tradition!”

Oh – my – did the Lord have to get a hold of me that night.  I had lots of repenting to do.  The Lord showed me how I did need perspective –  He wanted me to be flexible and thankful in everything. His grace reminded me that His mercies are new every morning.    The next day – I was telling my family how sorry I was and that we were going to have a “Happy Christmas Breakfast.”

Over the next two weeks, I found myself continuing to struggle with letting go.  Morning by morning I would have to lay down my desires.  Guess What??? Our family Christmas breakfast was last weekend – and we had a great time.  Everything was different – but it was good.

There are other things the Lord is stirring in my heart as a result of my tradition “fit”….

  • Are there traditions of my faith that I am holding on to that are preferences not essentials?
  • Are there other family traditions that are monopolizing decisions rather than a Kingdom perspective?
  • On the one hand I am wanting to live a “Radical life” – and on the other hand I’ve got some obvious control issues. “Send me across the world, Lord – but don’t change my tradition” – Good grief!
  • Where else do I need to be flexible to His plan?

Are you being asked to give  someone in your family the “gift of your flexibility.”  Let a tradition change…. Let the order of events change… and look for God to work when we give it to Him.

Father, please forgive me for my stubborn heart.   Even if I’m fussing – Lord, ultimately I want your way and your plan in my life.   Next time you ask me to lay down a tradition – help me be willing right away.  I thank you for traditions that connect our family and remind us of You and Your faithfulness. But, I never want my tradition of yesterday to trump Your plans for today. I love you!

In Jesus Name –

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Christ Follower - love my husband and family - thrive on learning new things - expecting every day more than I can ever hope or imagine! #Beyond #Nextassignment


  1. Julie says

    Thank you friend…I love you and you are radical. God is just stepping us up to the next level…not easy but exciting!

  2. Lisa, this is a beautiful example of vulnerability. None of us like to admit that we’re inflexible and yet I know God will use your honesty and transparency for greater good, both in your own life and in others.

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